How to prep for this week’s storm

Make sure you have everything you need.


Use these tips to prepare for this week’s storm.

Photo via Pexels

Another major storm is expected to hit our region today, following the New Year’s Eve rain that caused major flooding along parts of Highway 99.

The city of Sacramento has prepared a list of tips to follow to help prepare for this week’s weather, which include:

  • If possible, avoid driving. If you have to drive, be vigilant for tree limbs or other debris.
  • Secure loose items around the exterior of your home, like lawn furniture.
  • Use a rake or broom to help keep storm drains and gutters clear.
  • Call 311 to report flooding or hazards like fallen trees, and report power outages to SMUD at (888) 456-7683.
  • Keep pets inside, and take them out on a leash if necessary.

The inclement weather this week is due to a “bomb cyclone” — a weather phenomenon where a rapid drop in pressure creates a strong storm system. Notably, a bomb cyclone was responsible for the rainiest day in Sacramento history in October 2021.

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