River Cats unveil Marvel-inspired logo

Sacramentans, assemble!

The gates at Sutter Health Park

The Marvel-themed merch will be available at the team’s store Fri., Nov. 18.

Photo by SACtoday Staff

The only thing more important than saving the universe is baseball. Okay, not really, but you wouldn’t know that if you saw the River Cats’ new Marvel-inspired logo.

Minor League Baseball and Marvel have teamed up for Defenders of the Diamond, which aims to bring comic book and sports fans together the same way Thanos gathered all six Infinity Stones — but with less intergalactic genocide.

For 2022’s Marvel collab, the team sported some Stark Tech jerseysreally just uniforms inspired by Iron Man, but Stark Tech sounds way cooler — and the 2023 logo seemingly takes inspiration from two other prominent Marvel heroes in Rocket Raccoon and Black Panther (whose films are helmed by Sac State alum Ryan Coogler).

Fans can snag some superhero gear of their own when the Marvel-themed merch goes on sale Fri., Nov. 18.

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