Sacramento Housing Alliance releases new report on affordability

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The Sacramento Housing Alliance has released a new report detailing the housing needs of residents across Sacramento County. The document shines a light on how the statewide housing crisis directly impacts the region’s community members.

Key takeaways include:

  • To afford Sac County’s average monthly rent of $1,676, workers need to make $32.23 per hour — more than double the state’s minimum wage and roughly $6 per hour more than was necessary in 2021.
  • 55,000+ low-income renters don’t have access to affordable housing. Note: low-income is defined as 80% of the area median income (AMI); Sacramento County’s AMI is $102,400.
  • 81% of extremely low-income residents (less than 30% of the AMI) spend over half their income on housing.
  • The state has attempted to address the situation — California’s funding for housing “production and preservation” in Sacramento County increased 191% year-over-year to $728 million.

Want to see a change in your neighborhood? Find your legislative representative to make your voice heard. You can also learn more about how Housing California and the California Housing Partnership are working to address the Golden State’s housing crisis through the Roadmap Home 2030 initiative.

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