How you can save on drought-tolerant lawns in Sacramento

The practice, also known as xeriscaping, replaces existing grass lawns.


You can save water and money at the same time, that’s a win-win.

While California may no longer be in the drought conditions it’s been plagued by the past few years, water conservation plays an important role in preserving the state’s supply. Officials in the City of Trees seem to agree, with Sacramento offering a large number of monetary incentives for residents who xeriscape their outdoor spaces.

Xeriscaping (Xero is Greek for dry) is the practice of maintaining a yard filled with drought-tolerant plants. This would require you to swap your existing grass lawn for plants that consume less water while leaving behind less waste. While the toes of a million suburban dads curled in their grass-stained New Balances reading that last sentence, the River Friendly Landscape Program offers some pretty sweet deals to Sacramentans that we think make it worth it:

  • The Grass Conversion Rebate will net you a refund up to $3,000 to replace your current grass with non-invasive drought-tolerant plants. Get another $200 rebate for landscape design assistance.
  • Upgrading your old irrigation systems will get you up to $800 in rebates, with another $400 for adding a smart controller.
  • Get a rebate of up to $150 for a barrel that you can collect and store rainwater in.
  • Take the water from your washing machine and water your plants with it through a “laundry-to-lawn” system for up to $100 in rebates.

Before applying, make sure you meet all the necessary requirements, like being a City of Sacramento water customer.

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