Sacramento’s new riverfront art installation

The piece aims to build connections across the waterway through two special tributes.

A light box on the Sacramento riverfront displays colorful maritime signals with West Sacramento's ziggurat in the background.

Two large light boxes help make up the art piece, created by Joshua Sofaer.

Photo by SACtoday staff

A new art installation constructed on the docks of both Sacramento and West Sacramento aims to foster connection between the two communities through a pair of luminous celebrations.

Joshua Sofaer’s River Crossing project invited community members to nominate someone they felt deserved to be honored by having their name grace one of two public docks. Following 650+ nominations, a panel elected to have the Sacramento and West Sacramento docks named after Isabel S. Naranjo and Etenesh Zeleke respectively.

Both honorees were nominated by their granddaughters and selected by the panel for their strong commitment to family.

The names of the honorees are spelled out in maritime signals via light boxes on opposite sides of the river, with Sofaer saying that the piece is meant to “represent our collective need to honor the people who are most meaningful to us.”

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