5,000 Watts comes to Esther’s Park in Sacramento, CA

The art looks lit

Guests enjoy a work of art at 5,000 Watts

Art and science meet at this electrifying event.

Photo via 5,000 Watts

An event celebrating the blending of art and science is coming to Esther’s Park as the electric art show, 5,000 Watts, will be on full display for the public to enjoy this Saturday, Nov. 19.

Square Root Academy, a nonprofit focused on helping underrepresented youth learn the fundamentals of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), will bring a sea of lights to Oak Park to “highlight the power of innovation and collaboration.”

In addition to the tech-infused art, guests can also check out the illuminated roller rink and a “Night-cade” at the free event.

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