Sacramento Region to receive ~1,000 mile trail network

A graphic showcasing the interconnected trail system that will stretch across the Sacramento Region
From the Delta to Tahoe + Elk Grove to Yuba, the Sacramento Regional Trail Network will enable residents to get around without a car. | Graphic via Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Something big is afoot in the Greater Sacramento Region, thanks to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG). The agency is not only planning a series of paths that would connect the Delta to Tahoe, but an entire network of trails that would allow residents from Sac County to bike — or walk — all the way to Yuba County.

SACOG — which represents 22 cities across our region’s six counties, like Yolo, Sutter, and Placer — took to Facebook in a livestream Friday for National Bike to Work Day to explain its vision behind the project, which has been dubbed Ready, Set, Trails. No exact timeframe for the plan has been announced, but the pace is picking up.

“This whole thing started with a vision,” Councilmember Rick Jennings explained during the livestream.  “A vision to bring cities and counties together, to have them access the trail network in an effort to get them out of their cars and on bikes — or walking, or jogging — and being able to go… wherever they want to go.”

Jennings added that a 2021 survey of 3,000 community members revealed that people wanted our region’s trails to be a reliable way to get around without a car. This led the agency to the final design for its regional trail network, which is planned to feature ~1,000 miles of carless pathways across six counties + 22 cities.

As the vision for an interconnected Sac Region climbs its way to reality, here are some key takeaways from SACOG’s ambitious plan for a six-county trail network:

  • ~800 miles of new trails are currently planned
  • ~250 will of existing trails will be connected or expanded upon
  • A focus on creating access to trails for underserved communities
  • Adding trails in areas with high-rates of cars hitting bikers + pedestrians
  • A desire to provide residents a convenient way to bike to work everyday

Make sure to check out the full map + blaze your future trail. Can’t wait to get out there? Check out our guide to campgrounds around Sacramento or our roundup of some of the region’s best hikes